Liberals cried wolf labeling Gorsuch and Kavanaugh as ‘radically conservative’ – Washington Examiner

Last week, the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision in Rucho v. Common Clause ruled that partisan gerrymandering is a political question to be settled by state governments. Federal courts, it follows, cannot intervene in partisan gerrymandering cases.

Some on the Left implied that the Supreme Court’s conservative judges were partisan hacks helping out their Republican buddies with this decision. But this criticism is completely unjustified. In reality, it is the liberal bloc that votes the same on almost every issue, whereas the conservative members of the court have frequently defied expectations and sided with their liberal colleagues.

In the past session, the liberal bloc won 10 narrow decisions, while the conservative bloc won only seven. Despite being in the minority, the liberals won more narrow decisions because the conservatives are more independent-minded. Every conservative justice joined the liberal bloc in at least one narrow decision, demonstrating the consistent diversity of thought among the court’s conservatives.

Liberals have consistently painted President Trump’s nominees as right-wing extremists. The Washington Post called Justice Brett Kavanaugh “radically conservative,” and Vox said his presence on the court would “call the Court’s legitimacy into doubt.” The same happened to Justice Neil Gorsuch. The Huffington Post called him “a gift to the radical right,” and Sen. Elizabeth Warren called him “more radical” than conservative stalwart Justice Antonin Scalia. In hindsight, these criticisms are laughable.

Ironically, Trump’s Supreme Court appointees are arguably the least “radical” of all those on the bench. Gorsuch sided with the liberal bloc in four narrow decisions this past session, more than any other judge. Kavanaugh was in the majority 86% of the time, more than any other justice.

If you listened to the liberals last summer, you’d think a Supreme Court with Kavanaugh was grounds for the apocalypse, and some on the Left went so far as to call for court packing. Next time the Democrats cry wolf on a “radical” Supreme Court pick, don’t fall for it.


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