New York and New Jersey Boy Scout leaders accused of sexual abuse – CBS News

New Jersey attorney seeks to give abuse survivors “their voice back.”

Attorney Greg Gianforcaro spoke at a press conference in Newark, New Jersey on Tuesday, denouncing the lack of leadership of Boy Scouts of America pertaining to the sexual abuse allegations and stating his law firm is issuing the names of allegedly abusive Scout leaders in order to give victims their voices back.

“We are trying to get victims in the Boy Scouts, among the Boy Scouts, former Boy Scouts, their voice back,” Gianforcaro said on Tuesday, standing beside two abuse survivors. “I mean, what happens when you’re sexually abused as a child is horrific. But what you lose as a victim – and certainly, these two fine people to my left and to my right will better testify to this than I can — but you lose your voice, you lose power and control.”

“And this is about the institution failing to do the right thing, failing to disclose the names,” he continued. “It shouldn’t be us disclosing these names. It should be the institutions. It should be the Boy Scouts. They should be up here, issuing the names of their leaders.”


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