‘Not in Seattle!': Wealthy donors shout down Biden after ‘gay waiter’ comment – Washington Examiner

Joe Biden drew jeers from a group of his wealthy donors Saturday evening after he asserted that public displays of homophobia were acceptable as recently as 2014.

Addressing 50 guests at the Seattle home of public relations executive Roger Nyhus, the former vice president claimed businessmen making “fun of a gay waiter” was routinely acceptable.

Those remarks sparked outcries from the audience, who yelled “Not in Seattle!” Others disputed that casual acts of bigotry such as the kind Biden described would not be met with objections.

“Today, that person would not be invited back,” Biden, 76, added.

Much of Biden’s speech thereafter, according to his presidential campaign’s pool report, were indecipherable due to the fact that he spoke so softly.

Biden’s first tour of Iowa since he launched his campaign in April was also defined by vocal awkwardness. During two speeches in the state, Biden repeatedly slurred and stammered over words like “dignity,” “hospital,” and “successful,” making coverage of the events difficult for press in attendance.

Earlier in the day, Biden told a group of donors at a California fundraiser that he rejects criticisms that he’s the “old guy” in the race.

“I know I get criticized, ‘Biden says he can bring the country together.’ Well guess what, I refuse to accept — ‘He’s the old guy.’ I refuse to accept the status quo,” he said.


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