Parents charged in death of missing boy: Live updates – CNN

Crystal Lake police released a redacted 63-page FOIA request detailing several calls made to the home of JoAnn Cunningham. 

In one of the reports an officer describes the unlivable conditions in the home including ‘dog feces and urine’ on the floor, the report said.

Read the report excerpt:

Cunningham’s 5-year-old son, AJ, went missing from their home in Crystal Lake, IL last week.

During one visit to the home in 2018, officials recalled broken windows, water damage on the kitchen ceiling, piles of clothes on the couch and the dining room table. The officer recalled going upstairs to where Cunningham’s two boys slept only to smell a strong smell of feces with the windows open, the report said.

Cunningham is expected to appear at the McHenry County Courthouse in Woodstock, Illinois for a custody hearing today regarding her younger son that was removed from her home after AJ went missing. 


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