A person in the crowd during President Trump’s speech to the National Rifle Association on Friday threw what appeared to be a cell phone at the stage as the president approached the podium, according to video posted on social media.

The video, taken by attendee Bradley Brewer, shows the object being launched into the air and landing on the stage to Trump’s left. The speech took place in Indianapolis.

The person believed to have thrown the object was removed from the event, according to attendees.

“A man threw a cell phone on stage when President Trump walked out for his @nra speech,” tweeted Katie Pavlich, a Fox News contributor. “He threw it stage left, while POTUS was closer to stage right.”

Fox News is told the Secret Service has a person in custody in connection with the incident. They are interviewing the individual to determine whether charges should be filed.

Fox News has reached out to the Secret Service for comment.

Then-President George W. Bush famously ducked a thrown shoe thrown at him by an Iraqi journalist in 2008 during a press conference in Iraq. The shoe missed Bush, and the journalist was forcibly removed from the room by security.

Fox News’ John Roberts contributed to this report.