Planes grounded after Ethiopian Airlines crash: Live updates – CNN

Republican Sen. John Thune — who has oversight of the aviation industry and the FAA as chair of the Aviation subcommittee of the Commerce and Transportation Committee — said Tuesday he would “prefer flying on some other plane” rather than Boeing’s 737 MAX 8.

Thune, who is also a the second-ranking Senate Republican leader, seemed to suggest he would be open to grounding the planes if the evidence pointed to it, but stopped short of saying the planes should be grounded at this point unless and until an NTSB investigation finds there is a problem with the plane. 

He said he will also wait for the investigation before considering hearings in his subcommittee. He said he has not talked to anyone at Boeing about his concerns. 

Reporter: Would you safe flying a Super Max 8 right now? Would you fly on it?

Senator Thune: “Uhh…well, I guess I would uh, probably like everybody else, prefer flying on some other plane.”

Reporter: Do you think Boeing should ground those planes?

Thune: “I think we need to wait until the investigation, until we have more evidence.”

Reporter: So you’re saying they should investigate more before grounding?

Thune: “I think we need to know what the facts are and hopefully we’ll know those soon.”


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