Police release body cam video of fatal Taco Bell drive-thru shooting, family plans to file lawsuit – KCTV Kansas City

(KPIX/CNN/Meredith) — Police in Vallejo, California released graphic police body cam footage of a fatal shooting that happened at a fast food drive-thru.

They say the videos prove the officers shot the man to defend their own lives.

But the family of Willie McCoy said it was an execution and that McCoy was asleep.

Vallejo police responded to a 911 call February 9.

A driver, later identified as 20-year-old Willie McCoy, was passed out in his Mercedes at the Taco Bell drive-thru.

Police said he had a handgun in his lap.

Responding officers tried to come up with a tactic to remove the firearm.

The car doors were locked, so officers came up with another plan.

They drove their patrol cars to block McCoy’s car. As they were doing that, McCoy, a local rapper, woke up.

Video shows that only four seconds passed between officers yelling out the commands and shooting McCoy.

McCoy’s family attorney said he was shot 21 times.

Attorney John Burris said the police made an assumption.

The family said the officers used the wrong tactic.

They point out that San Francisco police and other Bay-area departments preach the practice of “time and distance.”

They say the Vallejo officers should have stayed back a safe distance and woken McCoy up with a loud speaker to give him a chance to surrender.

McCoy’s family will file a lawsuit against the officers and the police department.

There are active investigations on the shooting.

But Vallejo police said all six officers are back on full duty.


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