Popular Joe Biden Website Reportedly Started By Trump Operative – Deadline

A popular website dedicated to 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden was apparently created by a Republican operative to mock the former vice president.

At first glance, JoeBiden.info looks like a pro-Biden site, and even sells T-shirts with his face on them.

But on closer inspection, the posts on the site make fun of the Democrat with gifs that show him touching women, and criticism of his political record, including his opposition to court-ordered busing in the 1970s, and a vote against abortion rights in 1982.

A disclaimer at the bottom of the website says it’s “intended for entertainment and political commentary only and is therefore protected under fair use,” and is a project “BY AN American citizen FOR American citizens.”

The New York Times reported Saturday, the site was indeed created by an American, just not one who backs Biden.

The paper said Republican strategist Patrick Mauldin, who makes videos and other digital content for President Trump’s re-election campaign, is behind the site.


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