Protesters Besiege Central Hong Kong After Rally Near U.S. Consulate – The New York Times

Months of protests have taken a toll on the economy of Hong Kong, a major international banking hub, and some residents fear that the American bill would further damage the city’s financial well-being.

Brian Chan, 23, an engineer who joined the march, said he was not worried about the effect the legislation might have on the Hong Kong economy.

“Freedom and democracy is more important than economics,” Mr. Chan said. “Hong Kong people who love this place from their hearts want freedom,” he added. “The economy of Hong Kong is good, but most people don’t benefit.”

Separately, the local news media reported on Sunday that the political activist Joshua Wong had been arrested at Hong Kong’s airport upon returning from a trip to Taiwan, apparently for violating the conditions of his release from prison in August.

Mr. Wong, 22, was released from prison in June after serving two months for convictions related to pro-democracy protests that convulsed the city in 2014. But he was arrested again last month on charges of unlawfully organizing a June rally in which protesters blockaded the headquarters of the Hong Kong Police Force.

In a statement on Sunday evening, Mr. Wong said that he believed a mistake had been made on his bail certificate and that he expected to be released after a hearing on Monday morning.


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