Republican candidate for Congress suggests Rashida Tlaib ‘buy a new bra’ – Washington Examiner

A Republican candidate for Congress took to Twitter to react to a recently resurfaced video of a screaming Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib being escorted from a 2016 Donald Trump event. In a tweet, Robert “Buzz” Patterson remarked on Tlaib’s behavior and her appearance in the video saying, “When you go to sleep tonight, remember, she is a ‘representative’ from Detroit. I think she needs to chill and buy a new bra. But, that’s just me.”

The video from 2016, which shows Tlaib being escorted from a Detroit Trump event while screaming, “You guys are crazy!” resurfaced and became viral over the weekend. Trump supporters in the video can be heard screaming back at Tlaib “You’re an animal!” and “Get a job!” Tlaib and at least 14 other protesters were escorted from the event that night after screaming various things at Trump including “racist” and “Boo boo, shame on you!”

Rashida Tlaib, Buzz Patterson

Buzz Patterson, Rashida Tlaib.

Tlaib, who was defeated for a third term as a Michigan state representative in 2014, ran successfully for Congress in 2018. She has since become known as part of “the squad” of ultra-liberal freshmen Democratic congresswomen.

Buzz Patterson, 63, a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel, worked as a personal military aide to the Clinton White House and has since become a successful author and conservative speaker. He is currently running as a Republican to represent District-7 of California in Congress, which covers much of Sacramento and is considered a battleground district in the central part of the state. If nominated, he will attempt to unseat Democratic incumbent Ami Bera in 2020.

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