‘S.N.L.’ Mocks the Media’s Fixation on Jeff Bezos’ Private Photos – The New York Times

“Excuse me?” Jones replied.

The panelists offered various theories (except for Jones, who remained astounded), and Mooney asked what the scandal said about the overall state of the country.

Thompson answered: “It’s disgraceful, Chuck. It’s awful. I mean, this is a clear violation of someone’s privacy.”

“And what about when the pictures do come out?” Mooney asked.

“I will look at them,” Thompson responded. “I will make them into hilarious memes, and I’ll send them to all my friends.”

The prurient subject matter derailed an interview with the commerce secretary, Wilbur Ross (Kate McKinnon), who protested: “I don’t want to talk about penises. I’m one of the guys. I like watching sports and drinking a cold glass of blood.”

And the topic overwhelmed an interview with the acting attorney general, Matthew G. Whitaker (Aidy Bryant), who explained, “I was U.S. attorney general for three months, and soon, I will go back to my job of breaking up fights on ‘The Jerry Springer Show.’”


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