Seth Moulton on the Issues: A Marine Veteran Eyes Foreign Policy – The New York Times

In an announcement video on Monday, Mr. Moulton pledged to cut “massive weapons programs we don’t need so that we have the money to invest in the future.”

Mr. Moulton cited his experience as a Marine in Iraq when discussing the need for changing the country’s electoral system.

“Amid the tragedies of the Iraq War, one bright spot always stuck with me: seeing Iraqis vote,” he wrote in an opinion piece in The Washington Post in March.

“To change the country,” he wrote, “we need to fundamentally change how government works: We need to abolish the filibuster and the Electoral College.”

Two weeks after the piece was published, Mr. Moulton revealed a broad plan to overhaul the nation’s elections, including automatically registering people to vote, making Election Day a national holiday, restoring voting rights to former felons and granting statehood to Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C.

He also floated the idea of “a cyber wall to stop Russia from hacking our elections” in Monday’s announcement video.

Mr. Moulton is one of dozens of lawmakers who signed on as co-sponsors of the Green New Deal in February, but in recent weeks he has expressed skepticism about it and has sought to reframe it as a jobs package.


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