Ted Cruz rips media for ‘fixation’ with blackface and willingness to ‘shill’ for Democrats – Washington Examiner

Sen. Ted Cruz condemned the media coverage of the controversies swirling around Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam.

In a pair of tweets late Saturday, the Texas Republican claimed the media was asking the wrong questions about a racist photo that appeared in Northam’s medical school yearbook.

“Media fixation w/ blackface (‘was he dressed as Michael Jackson?’) obscures the more damning point: anybody who voluntarily chooses to celebrate the evil & bigoted KKK is unfit for public office. Media should be asking: did you select that picture to represent what you believe?” he tweeted.

“And why does media relentlessly shill for Dems? They won’t cover Northam’s defense of infanticide, but they’ll ask if he can moonwalk…” he said in another.

Northam has so far resisted calls from within his own party to resign after the emergence of a photo in his 1984 medical school yearbook showing a man in blackface and a man wearing Ku Klux Klan robes. In a press conference Saturday, he backtracked on his apology the day before and said he didn’t think he was in the photo.

Northam also said he did not pick it to be included on his page. He additionally acknowledged he did wear blackface that same year to dress up as singer Michael Jackson for a talent show.

Many of the questions during that press conference touched on the photo, whether Northam would resign, his involvement in putting together the yearbook, and whether his wearing shoe polish to darken his complexion for his Michael Jackson costume was any different that posing in blackface or in KKK garb. Northam was even asked if he could still “moonwalk” after he said he had learned the dance for the competition.

Very little attention was given to the other controversy Northam faced earlier in the week — his comments about a bill that would loosen restrictions on abortions.

Northam defended himself Wednesday against a barrage of criticism, particularly in conservative circles, for saying outrage over a bill to roll back restrictions on third-trimester abortions in his state had “really blown out of proportion.” That bill never made it out of a subcommittee.

Cruz also condemned Northam for those comments.

“Heartbreaking: VA gov’s pro-abortion dogma is so extreme that he advocates taking the life of babies AFTER they are born. Watch the video. Every human life is precious—a gift from God—and the modern Democratic party’s embrace of late-term (or post-birth) abortion is truly tragic,” Cruz tweeted.


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