That Joe Biden’s touching is only becoming an issue now confirms liberal media bias – Washington Examiner

As the press gives more attention to the mounting accusations against former Vice President Joe Biden for inappropriate touching, it is only doing more to confirm all of the suspicions that conservatives have about liberal media bias.

The New York Times quoted two more women as saying they felt uncomfortable by the way Biden touched them, which follows two other accusations of a similar nature.

However, there is nothing particularly new about the idea that Biden is handsy. The fact was well known for years and demonstrated in many photos and videos. A number of conservatives tried to argue that his creepy behavior shouldn’t simply be dismissed as just a cuddly Biden being Biden. At the time, though, the matter was largely ignored by the media, treated as a joke, or waved off as “faux outrage.”

It’s hard to argue that the issue was irrelevant at the time, and that it’s only emerging now because Biden is considering a run for president. It’s not as if he were an obscure figure at the time these incidents occurred. He was the vice president of the United States.

The only thing that’s changed is Biden’s opponents. Had the media scrutinized Biden’s behavior back then, it would have benefited Republicans and caused headaches for the Obama administration. Now, however, Biden’s opponents are a dozen or more Democrats. Given that he’s been consistently on top of polls for the 2020 Democratic nomination, all of the rival camps are gunning for him, and hoping to destroy his candidacy before it even gets off the launch pad.

So, it’s entirely predictable that the media are suddenly focusing on Biden’s touching problem now, even while acknowledging that it was an open secret for years.

Should Biden go on to win the Democratic nomination, expect the media to go back to suddenly not caring about this issue. And any attempt by conservatives to raise it will just be shut down by pointing to President Trump’s record of boasting about grabbing women.


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