‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’ Talks Of Ukraine, Rabid Weasels And Chopped Liver – Deadline

“It has been a helluva week,” said Stephen Colbert to open tonight’s Late Show monologue. “To paraphrase our president, the news has been moving on us like a bitch.”

However, Colbert noted, “Trump has shown that when he is cornered, he will fight like the rabid weasel that lives on his head.”

The whistleblower accusations were the center of Colbert’s attacks. “Whoever blew this whistle did not mince words,” he said, quoting from the document: “Soliciting interference from a foreign power.”

Colbert paused a beat. “Sound familiar?  If at first you do succeed, try, try that again.”

He then played a clip of Trump’s infamous exchange from June, in which he was asked whether he would listen if a foreign power called with some dirt. “I think you might want to listen,” the President said at the time.

Colbert switched to his mock-Trump voice. “There’s nothing wrong with listening. Unless you’re listening to that phone call I had with the Ukranian president.”

The Late Show also had senator and Democratic party presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on board. Colbert asked if he was disappointed that Trump wasn’t trying to get dirt on me. Sanders also had some comment on the proposed impeachment hearings. Watch the clip for more.


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