Theresa May to renew Brexit deal push after pledge to resign: Latest updates – CNN International

Britain’s hapless Prime Minister might not even have enough votes to ensure her own resignation.

In offering her head, May hoped that enough Conservative rebels would change their mind when she puts the deal back to them — possibly on Friday. It’s a tough ask: She needs 75 MPs to flip.

The immediate signs were positive for May. Boris Johnson, who resigned from May’s Cabinet over her handling of Brexit, told hardline Brexiteers that he would, reluctantly, back the deal. Others followed. As Conservative MP Zac Goldsmith told me shortly after the news of Johnson’s about-face: “It’s this deal or it’s years of paralysis, division, chaos and ultimately the slow death of Brexit.”

But Johnson’s endorsement, along with the promise of May’s departure, still might not be enough. The hardline Democratic Unionist Party, the Northern Irish group that props up May’s government, delivered what may be a knockout a blow late in the day, confirming it would still not support the deal.

Last week, the EU offered Theresa May a final chance to get her deal approved. This week, we are watching her throw the kitchen sink at it.

A final point. Dependent on how you count it, May’s majority with the DUP is in single figures. Whoever takes over from her will inherit that unenviable situation. The gravity of that reality should be the main takeaway from the embarrassment of indicative votes.

And with a huge amount of legislation to pass in the wake of Brexit and goodness knows what battles that follow, it’s hard to see how the United Kingdom, a nation whose politics have been rocked since 2016, doesn’t have an election before the next scheduled one in 2022.


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