Thousands march in the streets of New York for WorldPride: Live updates – CNN

At a press conference before the parade, “Pose” star Indya Moore urged the crowd to not let the rainbow flags along the parade route distract from the issues facing the transgender community, such as poverty, discrimination and tension with and distrust of law enforcement.

Moore has spoken of the similarities she shares with her character, Angel, a transgender sex worker who is a member of one of New York’s drag houses. Moore was a friend of Layleen Polanco, a transgender woman who died in police custody on Riker’s Island. She called on organizers of World Pride to incorporate more private security in consideration of those who have had negative encounters with law enforcement because of their identity.

Moore also called on major LGBTQ advocacy groups to do more to integrate the transgender community and people of color into leadership roles and their agendas.

She also urged the public to support the transgender community outside of Pride month.


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