Top State Department Official Confirms Smear Campaign Against Ousted Ukraine Envoy – The New York Times

In his retelling, Mr. Sullivan asked Mike Pompeo, the secretary of state, why the president had lost confidence in Ms. Yovanovitch.

“I was told that he had lost confidence in her, period,” Mr. Sullivan told lawmakers.

In detailing the campaign against the former envoy, Mr. Sullivan also brought clarity to a bizarre episode that unfolded on Capitol Hill this month, after the State Department’s independent watchdog briefed lawmakers on a mysterious packet containing conspiracy theories and smears against multiple figures, including Ms. Yovanovitch. Mr. Giuliani had previously confirmed that some of the documents in the packet, which laid out a record of contacts between Mr. Giuliani and Ukrainian prosecutors, were his.

That packet was given to Mr. Sullivan by a counselor at the State Department, who in turn received it “from someone at the White House,” he testified. Mr. Sullivan said he referred the folder to his department’s inspector general and the Justice Department out of caution, so officials could investigate “who was giving it to us to influence us” and whether it contained any factual information.

“It didn’t provide, to me, a basis for taking action against our ambassador,” Mr. Sullivan said.


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