Trump Claims ‘Total Exoneration,’ but Report Is Mixed on Obstruction – The New York Times

Mr. Trump did not specify who or what was on “the other side,” but he has previously suggested that senior officials at the Justice Department and the F.B.I. were working against him, as well Democrats, including his one-time political opponent Hillary Clinton.

Mr. Trump also falsely said that the Russia investigation was started “illegally,” a claim he has made previously, accusing the F.B.I. of straying from its own investigative policies and opened an inquiry because of political motivations. Mr. Trump has always been especially critical of a dossier of allegations that the F.B.I. received during the 2016 campaign.

In completing his investigation, the special counsel had an array of resources at his disposal. The team consisted of 19 lawyers, about 40 F.B.I. agents, analysts, forensic accountants and other staff. Since his appointment in May 2017, Mr. Mueller’s team issued more than 2,800 subpoenas, executed nearly 500 search warrants and interviewed about 500 witnesses. It also made requests to 13 foreign governments for evidence.

Mr. Barr said that it was “my goal and intent” to “release as much of the special counsel’s report as I can consistent with applicable law, regulations, and department policies.” In short, that means — as expected — he has concerns about grand jury secrets and other sensitive investigative material in Mr. Mueller’s report.


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