Trump declares ‘big success’ in Syria, lifts sanctions on Turkey – USA TODAY

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump declared a “big success” in Syria on Wednesday and lifted sanctions on Turkey he imposed after Turkey’s military assault on Syria’s Kurdish forces, a key American ally.  

Trump’s move came even as the president’s top envoy to Syria said the U.S. believed Turkey had committed war crimes in its attack on the Kurds. It also came as Russia gained a foothold in Syria and members of Congress expressed growing concerns about Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. forces stationed on the Syria-Turkey border. 

While critics quickly ridiculed Trump’s claim of a victory, the president said a cease-fire had held “beyond most expectations” and Turkey has vowed to stop its combat operation against the Kurdish fighters. 

In a 15-minute speech at the White House, Trump said critics of his policy want an endless, unlimited U.S. commitment in a dangerous region.


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