Trump’s History of Using 9/11 for Political Attacks – The New York Times

At the time, Mr. Trump lived at Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan, about four miles from the Trade Center. Rick Reilly, the sports journalist and author of the book “Commander in Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump,” said the president claimed to have used a telescope.

“I once looked through his telescope in his Trump Tower apartment that looked downtown,” Mr. Reilly wrote on Twitter. “He said, ‘I saw the towers come down through that telescope.’ I lifted my head up. ‘Oh my god,’ I gasped. ‘Solid gold,’ he said.”

The landmark 72-story tower, 40 Wall Street, is commonly known as the Trump Building. After the terrorist attacks, Mr. Trump applied for and received $150,000 from a New York State recovery fund for small businesses. (Though Mr. Trump owns a business empire, he was eligible because the Trump-owned entity controlling 40 Wall Street had fewer than 500 employees, according to reports.)

Mr. Trump has said the money was an automatic reimbursement for housing volunteers and emergency personnel who responded to the devastation.

But the application filed with the Empire State Development Corporation, which operated the fund, was for cleanup, repair and loss of rental income, according to a New York Daily News investigation. The day of the attacks, Mr. Trump said his building, about seven blocks from where the Trade Center stood, was unscathed.


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