Venezuela uprising live updates: Opposition leader Juan Guaido calls for military uprising against President Nicolas Maduro; Military commander calls it a "coup attempt" – CBS News

Defense minister rejects attempt by “subversive movement”

The events appear not to have triggered a broader military revolt. Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino on Twitter rejected what he called an attempt by a “subversive movement” to generate “panic and terror.”

The ruling socialist party chief, Diosdado Cabello, said most of Caracas was calm and called on government supporters to amass at the presidential palace to defend Maduro from what he said was a U.S.-backed coup attempt. About a dozen government supporters, some of them brandishing firearms, gathered at the presidential palace, answered the call.

“It’s time to defend the revolution with arms,” Valentin Santana, head of a militant group, said in a video posted on social media as he brandished an automatic rifle.

Meanwhile, Guaidó said he would release a list of top commanders supporting the uprising in the coming hours.


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