Venezuela’s Guaido declares ‘final phase’ of operation to topple Maduro: Live updates – CNN

There are a few things that are different about Juan Guaido’s video announcement today, which make it stand out from the sine wave of protest and repression of the past four months.

Firstly, Guaido appeared alongside members of the military, in number, at dawn, near or in a military base.

Secondly, he was next to an opposition leader who is meant to be under house arrest — Leopoldo Lopez, who is essentially Guaido’s predecessor. He can only have been there if part of the military or his other captors somehow assisted. 

Third, the government, while insisting all is under control, have said this is a “coup” that needs to be handled. They use tough language a lot, but today is not the day to overstate your opponent’s activities. 

Finally, Maduro’s aides are calling his supporters onto the streets around the presidential palace. That’s sort of a siege mentality. The hours ahead will clarify if this is another episode in Venezuela’s slow decline, or a change in pace or ugliness of the story.


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