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ELMIRA,N.Y. (18 NEWS) – Rainy days are often associated with gloominess, but do you know why? Experts believe it may have to do with vitamin D deficiency.

“There’s a vitamin D receptors in your brain so that deficiency can lead to depression, so it’s a big problem that we see,” Gerould’s pharmacist Brian Bowman said.

Bowman said vitamin D deficiency is a big issue both in Elmira and in many other cites located at high latitudes around the world. 

“We don’t get as much sunlight we’re stuck inside a lot of the time in the wintertime and also when the days get shorter that means the sunlight isn’t as prevalent,” Bowman said.

So why is it so important to make sure you’re getting enough vitamin D?
“It can definitely contribute to osteoporosis,” Bowman said. “If they’re not getting that vitamin D even if they do have milk every day, yogurt, those foods they are in their diet but they’re not getting absorbed in their intestine.”

In addition to affecting your bones and brain vitamin D also influences your bowels. Bowman said many people with GI issues often have a vitamin D deficiency.

So how can you tell if you’re vitamin D deficient? The most definitive way is for your doctor to order a blood test.

Bowman said people of African and Hispanic descent are more likely to experience deficiencies.
“Naturally darker skin with melanin kind of blocks some of the sunlight,” he said. “So it’s not activating that precursor to vitamin D in the skin.”

Getting your vitamin D from artificial sunlight is not a great idea.
“The radiation from the sun beds isn’t good for the skin,” Bowman said. “So I would recommend diet and supplementation over the tanning bed.”

For the best results Bowman recommends taking supplements with fatty foods. He also recommends vitamin D therapy lamps. You can find them online ranging from $40 to $400.


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