Vitamin D: Less than HALF of Brits can name ONE deficiency symptom –

Current advice recommends only at-risk groups – including pregnant women, under-fives and over 65s – should take vitamin D supplements. 

But, as it can be difficult to ascertain adequate levels across the population, the draft Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN) report has proposed a blanket recommendation across the population to safeguard intakes.

The report explained: “It is proposed that the recommended nutrient intake is applicable throughout the year, as a precautionary measure, to cover population groups in the UK identified to be at risk of minimal sunshine exposure as well as unidentified individuals in the population with minimal sunshine exposure who would be at risk in summer. 

“Since it is difficult to achieve [the recommended intake] from natural food sources alone, it is recommended that consideration is given to strategies for the UK population to achieve the recommended nutrient intake.”


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