Vitamin D Needed – KTEN

Take your vitamins, it’s something we’ve heard our whole lives and as we get older the meaning behind the message gets stronger. But one supplement seems to be missing in many people’s medicine cabinet.

A new study released by Jama Neurology says that 42 percent of American’s have low Vitamin D levels.

“Five to ten years ago people thought that older individuals and women were at a higher risk for vitamin D deficiency. But like I said any age or any gender can be affected by vitamin D deficiency.”

Dr. John Sissney is a family practice doctor at Texoma Medical Center. He says Vitamin D is usually the left out vitamin because people don’t know just how important it actually is.

“Vitamin D is important for your skeletal maturation and neuromuscular development and basically just your overall health.”

And the new Jama Study says Vitamin D also affects the brain and cognitive body functions.

One way to get Vitamin D is by being in the sun but with the risk of skin cancer and colder weather coming it’s harder for people to soak up the vitamin. So Dr.Sissney says there are other ways to get your fix by drinking milk or taking a pill.

“If you’re in the sunlight, if you’re taking some supplements, either way as long as you get vitamin D. I think the route that you get it is not as important as just getting the vitamin.”


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