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By Editorial Staff

Are you getting enough vitamin D on a daily basis? You might think it’s easy (after all, spending a little time in direct sunlight will generate plenty), but for too many people, particularly in this day and age, deficiency is common. Why? Because with increasingly sedentary (indoor) lives and processed diets, we just aren’t getting the vitamin D our bodies deserve (and need to maintain good health).

What are the health benefits of vitamin D?

Everything from maximizing bone health to preventing type 2 diabetes to reducing the risk of developing some forms of cancer, according to mounting research, which also suggests vitamin D can lower your heart attack arthritis and multiple sclerosis risk.

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What are good sources of vitamin D?

Keeping in mind that sunlight and diet are excellent ways to ensure adequate vitamin D intake (but too many people don’t take advantage), good food sources of D include dairy products, fatty fish (salmon, etc.), egg yolks, and a variety of fortified cereals, juices, etc. Supplements should also be considered if diet / sun exposure aren’t feasible.

What if I want more Information?

Talk to your doctor to learn more and search the To Your Health online archives to learn more about the many health benefits of vitamin D.


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