We Asked Scientists About UKIP’s "Ban The Burqa Because Of Vitamin D" Policy And They Were Not Impressed – BuzzFeed News

“If you’re pasty like me,” said Hewison, “when you go out in the sun you won’t make vitamin D because you put on sunscreen. That’s the advice we give people, but sunscreen prevents you making vitamin D.

“Or if you’re in a car a lot, you won’t [make vitamin D] because the windows stop the UV light getting through. I lived in California for a while and lots of people were vitamin D–deficient there, because they spent so much time in their cars.”

He wouldn’t recommend people expose themselves more to the sun, because that can raise the risk of skin cancer.

“A lot of people in the UK are deficient,” said Cruickshank, “because we don’t get enough from sunlight, and we aren’t topping it up with our diets.” She says she herself noticed that she was suffering bone aches and was found to be vitamin D–deficient, which she now treats with supplements.


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