What Passengers Need to Know After the Boeing 737 Max 8 Crash – The New York Times

Critically, though, what compensation is due and the laws that protect passengers depend on the departure airport and the home country of the airline.

If you are on a flight in or out of the European Union, or operated by a European Union-based airline, Mr. Zillmer notes that E.U. regulations may entitle you to compensation of up to “$700 per person.”

If you are flying elsewhere in the world, though, you might not have another option; many routes operate on limited timetables, and in some cases, there isn’t an option to change to another flight.

Paul Hudson, the president of Flyers Rights, a passenger advocacy group, says even insurance might not help in these circumstances.

“Insurance would probably protect against government or airline action grounding delays, but not passenger election to change flights,” he said.

“If your flight is canceled or excessively delayed by the airline you can get an involuntary refund of what you paid for that flight even if the ticket is labeled nonrefundable,” he added.

Julie Loffredi, the manager of media relations for InsureMyTrip.com, a travel insurance comparison site, said that “fear” is usually not a good enough reason for insurers to pay compensation to travelers who cancel their flights.


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