Why Allen Weisselberg, Trump’s Money Man, Could Face Scrutiny Next – The New York Times

One of Mr. Weisselberg’s sons, Barry, has been the property manager of Trump Wollman Rink for the past 17 years, according to his LinkedIn profile. There, he once hosted Hanukkah on Ice, dialing up his dad and putting him on speaker phone so he could hear the holiday songs. Barry Weisselberg declined to comment.

Mr. Weisselberg’s other son, Jack, works at Ladder Capital, a real estate investment trust that is one of the Trump Organization’s biggest creditors.

Jack has benefited in other ways: In 2000, his father purchased a one-bedroom apartment in the Trump Parc East building overlooking Central Park. It cost $152,500, which appears to have been purchased profoundly under market value, according to property records. He transferred the deed to his son Jack, according to property records, who flipped it for more than four times the original price in 2006.

Jack Weisselberg did not respond to email or phone messages.

Aside from an awkward cameo on the second season of Mr. Trump’s television show, “The Apprentice,” Mr. Weisselberg has until recently stayed out of the limelight, focusing on serving his boss.

In his books and in interviews, the president has described Mr. Weisselberg as his go-to man, whether it was to help pick carpet swatches for a development, or to strong-arm firms with which he contracted.

In Mr. Cohen’s testimony on Wednesday, Mr. Trump’s reliance on his C.F.O. was on display. When it came to paying back his fixer for the hush money, Mr. Cohen said the president turned to Mr. Weisselberg.

“He acknowledged to Allen that he was going to pay the $130,000,” Mr. Cohen said, “And that Allen and I should go back to his office and figure out how to do it.”


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