Why Some Republicans Voted Against the Antibigotry Resolution – The New York Times

Mr. Massie joined his colleagues in criticizing the scope of the measure, asking on Twitter, “Now that the resolution protects just about every group on the planet, can we add ‘babies on the day of their birth’ as a protected class?”

A spokeswoman for Mr. Palazzo did not respond to a request for comment.

“House Democrats had the opportunity to make a strong statement against this vile bigotry by condemning hateful statements,” Mr. Rogers in a statement. “Instead, they caved to their radical socialist base and took no meaningful action.”

Mr. Roy described the resolution in a statement as “a sham cover vote designed to avoid dealing with a rogue member.”

In a statement, Mr. Steube said the resolution should have mentioned Ms. Omar by name and the context of her remarks.

In a statement, Mr. Walker said that it was a “spineless resolution” that “provided cover to a politician spreading hatred and anti-Semitism.”

“It was a very shallow vote,” Mr. Yoho said in an interview on Friday. “They did everything they could to not condemn the one that was brought out to. So I think it was just a show vote.”

In a floor speech on Thursday, Mr. Zeldin asked why Ms. Omar was not named in the resolution and noted that she had not apologized for her most recent comments. (She apologized for other remarks seen as anti-Semitic.)


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