Will the Mueller Report Be Made Public? Answers to 6 Key Questions – The New York Times

Further, they wrote, Congress should decide what should be redacted in the report.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California has said that she does not support impeaching Mr. Trump without support from Republican lawmakers because it is too divisive for the country. Barring new shocking revelations about Mr. Trump, Democrats would prefer to beat Mr. Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

Lawmakers have a few options to try to make public details of the investigation, though some could involve years of litigation.

They can start issuing subpoenas to Mr. Barr, who can ignore them or refuse them. They can also subpoena Mr. Mueller’s testimony. The Justice Department is likely to resist those demands.

If that happens, lawmakers could hold them in contempt and ask the United States attorney for the District of Columbia to prosecute. Lawmakers could also sue to try to force the Trump administration to hand over the requested material. Such litigation could go on for years.

The White House could also try to negotiate with Congress, such as making some witnesses available, but not all, said Richard H. Pildes, a constitutional law professor at New York University Law School. The White House is also likely to challenge some requests and assert that the requested information is available to lawmakers through other means.

Lawmakers can also use their bully pulpits to publicly pressure Mr. Barr for more information and tie up the Justice Department in hearings and subpoena fights that last for the rest of Mr. Trump’s time in office.

That is not clear.

Mr. Trump is Mr. Barr’s boss, and there is nothing to stop Mr. Barr from immediately sharing the report with the White House, Mr. Pildes said. But doing so would violate the Justice Department’s longstanding independence from the White House, said Jack L. Goldsmith, a Harvard Law professor who ran the department’s Office of Legal Counsel during the George W. Bush administration.


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