Andrew Yang animates the ‘most boring football game in history’ – Washington Examiner

Andrew Yang, the 2020 hopeful and entrepreneur, may not seem like the most exciting candidate. He’s campaigning off an image as a wonk and a math nerd, yet he’s captured a small but passionate internet following.

He also appeared to be one of the most candid candidates on the debate stage Wednesday night, explaining his policies with sincerity and authority.

On Tuesday, as the first round of 2020 candidates took the stage, Yang tweeted, “It feels like we are about to watch the most boring football game in history.”

He may have been trolling CNN, which had the candidates walk out to dramatic music, just to have them repeat the same policies and complain about Republican talking points.

When Yang took the stage the following night, though, he had some valuable points to make, and he basically won the night with the quip in his opening statement.

“We need to do the opposite of what we’re doing right now, and the opposite of Donald Trump is an Asian man who likes math,” he said.

Yang came off as both funny and sincere, and it’s no wonder he skyrocketed in Google searches. Viewers seem to be drawn to his levity. Whether or not he earns more votes because of it, he’s got many more people paying attention.

As Yang said himself, “How do we beat Trump? We bring together people of every political ideology and focus on building an economy that works for all of us regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum. That’s what I’m doing, and that’s why I’ll win this election.”


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