Barr won’t turn over classified material, key GOP lawmaker says – Washington Examiner

A key Republican lawmaker said Democrats demanding the release of special counsel Robert Mueller’s entire report will be disappointed by Attorney General William Barr.

“I know that the Democrats are saying we want everything, but the law doesn’t provide for that. In fact, it says the opposite,” Rep. John Ratcliffe, R-Texas, said Sunday morning during an interview on Fox News. “And I very much doubt that Bill Barr is going to turn over classified material or material subject to executive privilege or, most importantly, grand jury testimonies that Bob Mueller has received that did not result in charges against anyone.”

Citing the “longstanding policy” of the Justice Department, Ratcliffe noted former FBI Director James Comey strayed of course in his handling of the Hillary Clinton emails investigation “that got him fired and had Democrats complaining back then.”

“Bill Barr is not going to repeat those mistakes, so he’ll be as transparent as the law will allow and as the regulations provide, and the Democrats should respect that,” Ratcliffe added.

Ratcliffe is a member of both the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committee and is a former federal prosecutor. He is also one of the few lawmakers to see sensitive documents that other lawmakers have not and was involved in a task force last year seeking out potential bias within the Justice Department and FBI.

His prediction bodes ill for Democrats, who are demanding the full release of Mueller’s report. On CNN, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., vowed to take issue subpoenas and take the fight all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary.

Ratcliffe’s insight could also be frustrating for fellow Republicans who want to take transparency a step further, including the release of the scope memo for the Russia investigation and related documents.

Ratcliffe also told “Sunday Morning Futures” anchor Maria Bartiromo that he expects Barr to provide Congress with the special counsel’s “principal conclusions” within the next couple hours.

Both Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein were spotted at the Justice Department late Sunday morning. Meanwhile, President Trump is in Florida this weekend, and according to White House spokesman Hogan Gidley, the White House has not yet received or been briefed on the Mueller report.


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