Falwell Jr. calls Trump/Pence most faith-friendly White House ‘ever’ – Washington Examiner

On the eve of Vice President Mike Pence’s commencement address at Liberty University, school President Jerry Falwell Jr. declared the Trump-Pence White House the most faith-friendly team ever.

Citing Trump’s embrace of evangelical and other religious leaders, his multiple moves to limit abortion and his selection of Pence as vice president, Falwell said that evangelicals will vote for the GOP team in even greater numbers in 2020.

“He has been the most faith friendly president ever,” Falwell told Secrets.

While many were skeptical of Trump’s ties to any religion, in office he has proven an ally of Christians and Jews, he said. And he gave Pence significant credit.

“He was a key factor in why so many evangelicals supported Trump,” said Falwell.

“It convinced people that if Trump was willing to pick somebody like Pence for vice president, it convinced people that Trump really was going to be a faith-friendly president,” he said.

In office, Falwell said that Pence has become the most influential Trump insider.

“I think he’s the most influential vice president in my lifetime, the one person that Trump probably listens to more than anyone else,” said Falwell.

Pence has long made faith a key element of his politics and he is expected to talk about it in his Saturday commencement address to Liberty graduates in Lynchburg, Va.


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