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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - Naturally found in the sun, vitamin D is important for bone and muscle health. But sometimes it can be hard to get enough sun. That’s where vitamin D supplements come in.

“People who have, live in colder climates are at high risk for a vitamin D deficiency where we’re covered up and we don’t get much sun exposure. Also people who have darker skin such as Asian-American or African-American people may need some supplementation of vitamin D because their skin doesn’t produce enough,” said Evevanne Hottel, a registered dietician at St. Luke’s.

She said that vitamin D, in conjunction with adequate calcium intake and weight bearing exercises, helps to build your bones and keep you healthy. But with winter and less sun exposure, where can you get vitamin D?

“There are several foods that you can eat more often that have vitamin D in them, such as your oily fish, like salmon, maceral, tuna. It’s also found in our fortified dairy products and cereals, and it’s also found in things like beef liver, which is a little less common for people to eat, and it’s also found in egg yolks, so those would be some really good natural sources to consume,” Hottel said.

She also said to expose your arms and face to the sun when you do go outside in the winter.

“in a usual day, most adults need 600 international units of vitamin D, and for people over the age of 71, you need 800 international units a day, and it’s usually 20 Nano grams is considered a deficiency, so you want to be higher than that,” said Hottel.


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