Reader’s View: Vitamin D story shines a bright light on racism – Duluth News Tribune

Racism stems from fear, the fear of something or someone different. When people understand differences, they are more apt to have an open mind, and their fear dissipates.

From this article, we learned that people with darker skin simply originated from more tropical areas and received a lot of sun. We also were informed that it does not take much time for the overall skin pigment in a group of people to adjust. It took only 15,000 years for Native Americans’ skin tone to shift to a darker shade. When putting the history of humanity in perspective, that is a miniscule amount of time. It goes to show how amazing the human species is and how easily we can adapt and change. The fact our bodies found a way to regulate vitamin D intake is miraculous.

Rather than looking down on each other, I think we should celebrate the beauty of the human body and its incredible adaptive techniques. It is proven that we all share the same ancestors; and, despite the variance of appearance, we are all the same. I am tired of learning and hearing about injustice and conflict over how a person looks. I hope this science becomes more widely known, and perhaps we can move forward as a species and leave our ignorance in the past.

Hazel Erickson



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