Study halves vitamin D intake for bone health – The San Diego Union-Tribune

The recommended dietary allowance of vitamin D for bone health should be cut in half, according to a study to be released Sunday.

An RDA of 400 International Units of vitamin D daily is enough to protect bone health for 97.5 percent of the population, researchers are scheduled to announce at the 2017 scientific meeting of the Endocrine Society.

The study states it uses newer, more accurate technology to retest samples from an earlier double-blind study of the effect of vitamin D3 supplementation, which determined that a daily RDA of 800 I.U. would protect bone health.

The original study followed 163 healthy postmenopausal white women aged 57 through 90 years. They had had menopause at least seven years earlier. They also had vitamin D insufficiency according to World Health Organization standards of 20 ng/ml or lower according to what’s called an 25(OH)D blood test.


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