5 Packs Rice Leaven for Making Chinese Sweet Rice Wine

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  • Rice wine is a traditional Chinease folk snack with a history over thousand years in China.
  • The rice leaven ferments quickly, helping us to find the taste of rice wine in our memory.
  • The rice wine starter contains carefully-selected ingredients, contributing to mellow and sweet taste.
  • 1 bag(8g) can make rice wine(Mijiu) of 4-5kg with high purity and stable quality. Exquisite pack designed for household.
  • Chinese time-honored brand with a profound history for over 30 years.

Product Description

Sweet Rice Wine(Mijiu) is a traditional Chinese folk snack, and boasts a history of over a thousand years in China. It is mainly made of cooked glutinous rice or cooked rice added with beneficial microorganisms through fermentation, with simple brewing process and sweet and mellow taste. It is popular in China, Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea and other regions.

Angel rice leaven is prepared by adopting advanced microorganism culturing process and equipment, and its microorganism is very beneficial to the fermentation of sweet rice wine. The strain has high purity and stable quality. Using very small quantity of the rice leaven can achieve the desired effect.

The strain of Angel rice leaven is pure, with unique flavor, and it is especially simple and convenient to use.

Sweet, mellow and unique flavor. 

Ingredient: rhizopus and rice flour

Net weight: 8g 

Storage: Keep in cool, dry and dark place. 

Shelf life: 18 months

Package includes:

5x 8g Rice Leaven

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