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  • Invalsa Coffee (co-based in Boston, MA and La Paz, Bolivia) sourced these specialty-grade green coffee beans ourselves, directly from the farmer, cooperative, or estate that produced them.
  • You won't find this combination of consistent quality, high grade, green coffee beans and customer service anywhere else online.
  • Happy roasting!

Product Description

These 2010/11-crop, Fair-TradeĀ® and UTZ certified, green (unroasted) coffee beans come from the renown Tarrazu region and were processed by the CoopeAtenas Cooperative in Costa Rica's Central Valley at 3,000 feet above sea level. They are 100% Arabica beans (Catuai 50%, Caturra 50%). These Invalsa Extra (A) coffee beans are almost specialty-grade quality. The cupping score of 79 by our Head Cupper make them just a point shy of specialty grade (specialty coffee requires 80 points). Take advantage of this opportunity and enjoy an excellent coffee at a lower price than specialty grade. CoopeAtenas R.L. is an Industrial/Agricultural Cooperative, founded in 1969, located in Atenas, a well-known coffee growing province in Alajuela, Costa Rica. Our CEO, Nelson, visited the Cooperative mill and some of its farmer members in July of 2009 and in May of 2010 to verify the quality of their coffees and was impressed and satisfied with them. Invalsa entered into a long-term relationship with the cooperative for the provision of Costa Rican specialty-grade and micro-lot coffees. These coffee beans are of one of the best, professionally-graded and cupped, Premium coffees in the world, shipped to you in a boxed, burlap bag. Everybody loves our organic, biodegradable burlap bags. There are too many un-recyclable plastic bags already! Our green coffee beans can be stored in a cool, dry location, in the burlap bag supplied, for a long period or time (years) without any loss in flavor or quality because they are grown at high altitudes (hard bean). Because of its sweet, ripe tropical fruit flavor with hints of chocolate, refined acidity, good balance, and long delightful aftertaste, we prefer a moderately dark (#45 Agtron/SCCA) roast for these coffee beans. Some roasters use them as a single-terroir, others use as a mandatory component of their special "house" blend.

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