Angel Bake French Macaron Mix

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  • Easy to bake, gluten free French Macaron Mix. Just add cold water. No egg-whites required. Makes 60 shells.
  • Also available in six pack and food service packaging. Search for "Angel Bake French Macaron Mix".
  • Try Angel Bake Swiss Buttercream Mix for a great buttercream filling.
  • Try Angel Bake food extracts for flavor variations.

Product Description

The Angel Bake French Macaron mix takes the guesswork out of baking one of the most sophisticated and hard to bake cookies in the world. Follow simple instructions to achieve perfect results. Please watch video posted below first. Key to success: Measure water precisely. Water temp must be cold - room temp (not warm or hot). Ensure meringue is firm - not stiff. Use a timer. Preheat oven for at least 20 minutes. Let cookies dry before baking. Cookie surface must be dry to touch prior to baking. Larger cookies take longer to dry and a little longer to bake. Smaller cookies bake faster. Avoid oil based flavoring. Recommend using extracts (alcohol based) for flavoring. Use powdered food coloring. Garnish and refrigerate cookies for at least one day before serving. Baked cookies can be kept frozen for several weeks.

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