Arequipe Lover’s Pack (2x 500gr., 2x250gr., 12x50gr.)


    • (2x 500gr. + 2x250gr. + 12x50gr.)
    • Indulgent
    • Sweet

    Product Description

    Unforgettable everlasting traditional flavors and desserts, that is what Alpina´s Dulce de Leche is about.... For two decades Alpina has been preparing this dessert based on whole milk, so exquisite, that is the favorite of all the family. There is no one who can resist the temptation of Alpina´s Dulce de Leche Alpina´s Dulce de Leche awakens your senses... It is the perfect side dish of typical food and of fancy dinners. Besides being energetic and nutritious, its smooth flavor and texture makes it the best partner of a variety of typical desserts such as: wafers, figs, cakes, ice cream, cookies, crackers, milk, cheese and all you can come up with. It comes in practical personal servings, ideal for lunchboxes, picnics, parties or work. It's also sold in family presentations of 250 and 500 grs, which are perfect to share with all the family.

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