Balsamic Vinegar, Diamond – 4 leaf (8.5oz)


    • Balsamic is an intense, sweet tart vinegar
    • Made from the must of boiled Trebbiano grapes
    • Is the perfect addition to a fine aged cheese, or fresh strawberries, melon and proscuitto, or drizzled around an entree before serving

    Product Description

    8.5oz. Roland Diamond Balsamic is an intense, lush, syrupy vinegar with complex flavor and only a hint of acidity. This vinegar was awarded a 4 leaf certification from the Association of Italian Balsamic Tasters (AIB)*. Diamond balsamic should be used throughout the meal from appetizer, entree' and dessert.Try it drizzled over grilled portabello mushrooms, parmesan reggiano cheese or ice cream. It also pairs nicely with fresh fruit and a vintage Port.

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