Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil – 16oz (2 Pack)

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  • Fast energy for the brain
  • Immune support
  • The most valuable medium chain triglyceride from the heart of coconut oil
  • Flavorless, odorless, and liquid at room temperature
  • 2 bottle of Brain OctaneTM Oil (16 fluid oz)

Product Description

Pure Bulletproof Brain OctaneTM is up to 18x more powerful than coconut oil for enhanced cognitive function. It is the most valuable medium chain triglyceride derived primarily from coconut oil (or palm kernel when required). Brain Octane is most rapidly metabolized into ketones, providing a quick source of brain fuel from fats rather than inflammation-causing sugar. Adding Brain Octane to your diet helps you maintain peak mental performance. Brain Octane also supports healthy digestion and immune function. No refrigeration required. Liquid at room temperature.

Product Detail

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