MILLIARD Soda Ash (Light) – 5lbs.


    • A multi-purpose household agent for cooking and cleaning.
    • Use as a neutralizing agent in acidic foods to balance their pH, as a cleansing agent in washing clothes or utensils, or as a catalyst in arts and crafts for dyeing and painting.
    • Other uses include neutralizing and pH balancing pool water, an alkalizing agent in film developing solutions, sanitizing trophies in taxidermy, and even as a flux in glass-making.
    • Soda ash is named for the original process used to produce it. Plant ashes would be soaked in a pot to create "pot ash." Plants with a higher sodium content would make soda ash.
    • Available in 2, 5, and 10lb. packages.

    Product Description

    Soda ash isn't something you get from burning your favorite soft drink, but it might be something you turn to if you spill that soft drink on your clothes. Sodium carbonate (a.k.a. soda ash) is a popular additive in many detergents because of its cleansing properties, but what else is MILLIARD Soda Ash for? The short answer is that sodium carbonate has an affinity to water and a distinct basicity, which means that it can be used to do science to a variety of things throughout your home. In the kitchen, soda ash is used because it balances acids in food and other mixtures. The dough for German pretzels is often boiled in a soda ash solution to balance their pH and make them crusty and golden-brown. Before rainbow sherbet became an ice cream, sherbet was a soft drink in the UK and western Europe that used soda ash mixed with citric acid powder, fruit juice, and lots of sugar to make a fizzy reaction that was fun to drink. It's also added to ramen noodles for flavor and texture, as well as many Asian steamed buns and noodles for the same reasons. Have some cleaning to do? Soda ash is also known as washing soda because it softens water, so it's not only used in detergents, but also as an odorless, tasteless descaling agent for cleaning coffee pots and espresso machines. It also bonds with fiber-reactive dyes as a fixative for tie-dyeing shirts or painting. Have tarnished silverware in your kitchen drawer? Rinse your silver utensils in a solution of sodium carbonate, table salt, aluminum foil, and warm water in a plastic container to do science to the sulfide tarnish and wipe it away. All MILLIARD products are made from materials of the highest quality and we are glad to make our consumers' satisfaction our #1 goal.

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