Oh! Nuts Mishloach Manot Kosher Gifts, Chocolate Covered Oreos Purim Shlach Manos Gift Box

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  • GREAT Affordable Shalach Manos Purim Gift Box - Impressive Purim Corporate Gift
  • Window Display Box Showcases Artisanal Hand Dipped Chocolate Coated Sandwich Cookies, each one uniquely garnished to create artistic Chocolate Gift Box
  • Certified Kosher, created perfect, Luscious Creamy Rich Dark Chocolate overlays Sweet Crunchy Oreo Cookie, Dairy Free Purim Gift Basket
  • PURIM made EASY -- just click, order, we can ship a Purim Gift Basket anywhere at all. Purim across the World with clever Mishloach Manot options
  • Oh! Nuts, family-owned, renowned for PURIM BASKETS with flair, we've beeen doing this for so long, we're the best at Purim Gift Basket Options. Super Purim Power!

Product Description

Gone are the days when Shalach Manos had to only be sent to tenenment neighbors. In the expansive world of international business and long-distance friends and kin, Oh! Nuts updated Purim gift basket options to offer unique and affordable Shalach Manos selections. In Business today, when dealing with Jewish colleagues and clients, Mishloach Manot goes a long way to add a personal touch to your coporate gift giving. Not only are these Chocolate-coated cookie Purim Gift Boxes easy to order and ship across the country, stocking up on them if you are traveling this Purim makes sense, because the box size, weight and neat packaging make it an easy Mishloach Manot to take along and hand out in a tidy way. Oh! Nuts has revolutionized the way Kosher gift baskets are created, made available online, and delivered neatly. We know imitation is a form of appreciation -- and we appreciate the plethora of Kosher Gift Basket Businesses that have followed in our wake. Simcha, it seems, is contagious and we make spreading Simchas Purim far and wide an easy thing for the discerning Kosher consumer to do this year. Oh! Nuts, we love offering up sweet options. Some Quick Facts: Purim is a Jewish Holiday that celebrates the saving of the Jewish people in ancient Persia and Medes. There are 4 "mitzvot" enacted by the Torah Sages that apply on Purim. All begin with the letter Mem. The four obligations on Purim are: 1) Megilla reading. The Megilla is a scroll of parchment which is read with a lyrical tune that recounts the story of Purim. 2) Matanos L'evyonim -- to give at least two poor folks alms. Charity is a large part of the Purim celebration. 3) Mishloach Manot - to send a food care package to at least one person consisting of two food types. That is where Oh! Nuts Purim baskets come into play. 4) Mishteh - to have a festive meal with merrymaking. That's another way that Oh! Nuts can help - we are the best Kosher dessert purveyor.

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