Zukay Tumeric Kvass (Pack of 6)


    • Live Probiotic Cultures
    • Raw, Vegan
    • Low Carb (sweetened with Stevia)
    • Refrigerate upon arrival

    Product Description

    Note: Due to the nature of kvass production, there will be some naturally occurring vegetable sediment at the bottom of the bottles.

    We work closely with Zukay Live Foods, and they have given approval for shipping these items dry. We keep them refrigerated in our warehouse at all times and they need to be refrigerated upon receipt. We have been told they are fine to be sent dry because it takes several days for the live cultures to wake up and restart the process of fermentation. We do this to help save you shipping costs, since sending them cold would require a cooler and gel packs, and 3 day travel zones might even require sending via air to guarantee they arrive cold. We only ship them on a date that will allow them to get to you that same week without sitting over the weekend at a shipping company's warehouse. During the hotter summer months the products will likely be warm when they arrive. This is normal, just refrigerate them on the same day that you get your package and you should be able to enjoy them within a few hours. We have been assured that exposure to the warm temperatures will in no way negatively effect the cultures or their health benefits. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us prior to placing your order. We can not accept returns for this product because it arrives warm, this is why we are letting you know the policy in this product detail page.

    Our Turmeric Kvass is so chock full of antioxidants it's silly. With the curcumins from raw turmeric, capsaicin from hot yellow peppers, and the anti-inflammatories from ginger, it almost makes us blush and it tastes really good. It's a bit spicy - we throw in real hot peppers - but not too spicy. It's not hot sauce. The ginger, carrots and squash give a very pleasant, tangy flavor, and we sweeten with just a hint of raw organic stevia. So if you like a bit of a kick with your drink, you couldn't do better!

    Product Detail

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